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When it comes to equestrian activities and events, nothing beats a hayride. It involves an assortment of activities that are done on horseback through a pasture or hay land. One of the most famous is the Canadian Teddy Bear Rodeo. However, a hayride is also referred to as a groomed trail ride, a flat horseback ride, or simply a ride on the trail. The purpose of the activity is to groom horses and allow them to run freely.

hay rides

An exciting hayride, also called a pumpkin ride, is an American and Canadian tradition featuring a recreation of a medieval tour, typically pulled by a sleigh or cart pulled by horses or an elephant. While riding hayrides, riders become enchanted by the “pumpkins” or other creatures that may traverse the trail ahead. These creatures are often decorated with flowers, candy, or lanterns. This type of attraction, Halloween-themed hayrides, is prevalent in fairs, weddings, or other Halloween-themed events.

Another type of exciting pumpkin ride is the maze ride. The word maze comes from the French word which means “a tangled way”. These hay rides take riders through large fields, meadows or even along side of rivers and streams. Usually, a barn is used for setting up these mazes that resemble the forest forts that were once used by farmers to protect their crops.

For the more daring, there is the more traditional type of haunted hay rides. There are now numerous haunted hay rides available for the whole family to enjoy during Halloween or any other time of year. These rides let riders step into a dark, scary world where they can feel “scared” or “frightened”. They can see the spirits of the dead roaming the area, hear the ghouls yelp and moan or even see the souls of the recently departed haunting the grave or house.

Some of the more exciting pumpkin and haunted hay rides are offered not only at local farm fairs but can be arranged for outdoor performances. Theatres and hotels often offer a hayride along with a haunted house show to frighten the little ones as well as thrill the adults. Theatres may even provide audiences with creepy sound effects and special effects to spook the youngsters even more. Many people believe that watching scary shows like these is much more entertaining than just reading about them in a book.

In the autumn, there are several haunted hay rides that take guests to the local graveyard or even to the town cemetery. The actual grounds are usually very scary with a gory mixture of fog, torches and other atmospheric effects. Once inside, the fun-filled entertainment area provides four intense attractions to scare the life out of the visitors. The haunted hay rides and the cemetery scary experience are sure to make for a night you will never forget.

One of the more famous haunted hay rides includes an apple orchard filled with dead bodies of previous owners. You will see the ghosts of the past haunt the grounds as they stare at the unsuspecting riders. The gory story behind this tour is that the owners of the apple orchards were accused of poisoning the local farmers with apple cider. The horrific truth was uncovered when the bodies of the dead were exhumed and discovered to contain traces of the deadly cider.

The tour also takes guests to some of the more traditional haunted houses in the region. The haunted houses include blood-soaked draperies and other authentic scenes from the past. You will be taken to the spots where the dead once roamed and the very history of the area is revealed. This particular tour is sure to put your spine on hold as you become genuinely scared as you learn about the history of some of the most notorious haunted houses in the country.

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